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Two fat nerds attack Movies, TV and Video Games!


As usual we start off with a bit of gaming chat, including "PES 2019" from Joe and old school Nintendo DS and the Xbox 360 "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" from Mitch, before turning the discussion to TV with the Netflix docuseries "Street Food" and comedy-drama "Dead To Me", the endings of "Big Bang Theory" and "Doom Patrol", and a very spoiler heavy "Game Of Thrones" wrap up.

We even have a little bit of time to cover the movies "Pokemon: Detective Pickachu" and the Ted Bundy bio pic "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile".




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As Australia goes to the polls to choose a Prime Minister, we go back to a time when pulling a sword out of a stone was the way they picked their leaders, as we look at the 1981 John Boorman film, "Excalibur", to wrap up our 80's fantasy series.

This movie has it all, shiny suits of armour, dodgy effects, 80's fashion and even a bit of back-sack, but did we like it??

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This month Joe has signed up for Xbox Game Pass, so for the first time in ages we actually have a lot of gaming to talk about, including "MudRunner", "Scream Ride" and "Shadow of the Tomb Raider", plus Mitch tries out "Sherlock Holmes & The Devil's Daughter".

In TV we briefly discuss the latest season of "Game Of Thrones", new characters in "Doom Patrol" the animation anthology "Love, Death and Robots", Season 2 of "Cobra Kai", dead wrestlers in "The Dark Side of The Ring", and Bear Grylls and his eating habits in the interactive Netflix series, "You versus Wild".

Then in movies we have a spoiler free "Avengers: End Game", look at the quirky "Destination Wedding" and Mitch adds another viewing to his list of places he's seen "Mad Max".


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It's taken us over 7 years, but Episode 100 is finally here! (Even though we've actually done a lot more if you count all the minis and specials.)

However, despite the fact that it's a big milestone, it's a shorter ep than usual as Joe has been busy amid his house renovations, so we haven't really been up to much.

We have a brief chat about "Marlow Briggs" and "Star Wars Battlefront II" in gaming, then the new season of "Queer Eye", doco series "Murder Mountain" and the UK drama "Cleaning Up" in TV before heading to the movies where Mitch discusses the two latest comic blockbusters "Shazam!" and "Captain Marvel" and we both jump in to the Motley Crue biopic on Netflix, "The Dirt".

Mitch also rounds out the ep tooting his own horn over a recent Marvel themed trivia night.


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We start the show this month with Joe finishing “Burnout: Paradise – Remastered” and Mitch buying “Farm Simulator 2017”, then we jump into TV with discussions on “Dirty John”, “Russian Doll” and “Doom Patrol” and the excellent adaptation of “The Umbrella Academy”.

In movies Joe watches the doco “Abducted in Plain Sight” as well as jumping on the Lady Gaga bandwagon for his thoughts on “A Star is Born” while Mitch has a chat about “A Simple Favor” before we round out the show with a tribute to Keith Flint, Luke Perry and our favourite big man from wrestling’s past, King Kong Bundy.



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In a tradition that started way back in January 2012 on Episode 2 (so for our 8th year, not five like Joe thought on the ep due to his poor math skills), this month we look at some of the upcoming releases this year in our Great Expectations episode.

There is a little bit of gaming and TV chat, then we jump right in with a month-by-month breakdown of some of the movies we're really excited for in the next year. Not surprisingly there are a lot of comic book adaptation on the list too!



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In what is now becoming a bit of a tradition, as the dust settles on another year and another 12 Days of Christmas countdown, we start off the new year by looking back at the old one and going over some of our favourite things including comics, gaming, TV, Movies and new podcasts we’ve started listening to in 2018.

There may be couple of spoilers in there, especially when we discuss the DC Injustice Vs Masters Of The Universe cross-over comic, and “Bohemian Rhapsody”, but other than that we’re pretty safe.



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After hoping for a big finish for the 12 days we gave up on our original choice and went back to animations with the 1959 Russian short "A Christmas Visit", which is sometimes also known as "A Christmas Tree" just to be confusing.

It's the story of a young Russian boy who is sad that his weatherman father in Antarctica will miss out on having a tree for Christmas, so with the help of Santa and his magical plane, and some friendly animals, tries to get one there.

There a few versions of this online, unfortunately they all seem a little washed-out as far as colour goes, but you can watch it here on Youtube.


And just for a special Christmas treat, make sure you stick around for the song!

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Today we go all educational again with this strange little doco featuring a school teacher, aptly named Mrs. White, taking her class through some Christmas traditions from around the world.

Other than a Riftrax version we couldn't find much online about this, no links on Youtube or other streaming sights, and couldn't even find out what year it actually was made, but we're assuming it was somewhere in the late fifties.



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We're getting closer to Christmas and it into the final three days of our countdown, so today for Day 10 we watched the 1936 short, "Christmas Comes But Once A Year". Produced by the Fleischer Studios, this beautifully animated short tells the story of Professor Grampy visiting some sad orphans to brighten up their Christmas day by creating some nifty toys out of household bits and pieces.


There is a very nicely restored version available to watch on YouTube as well.

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Christmas is a time for celebrations and having fun, yet today for Day 9 we picked something a little bit more depressing in the 1954 adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl" from Castle Films. Freaky Icemen, interpretive dance, a reggae loving Santa and heartless street kids stealing shoes. It's all here in this crazy short film.

And if you don't have Amazon Prime, don't fret, it's all here on Daily Motion.



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While some of the picks for this year's 12 days have been entertaining, today for Day 8 it's time to get educated too as we bring you this informative short from 1953 called "Silent Night: A Story Of A Christmas Carol". The title kinda gives it away, as we go back to Austria in 1818 when the song was first composed.


If you are watching along at home, its not just on Amazon Prime, but can also be found here on YouTube.

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