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As we kick off 2022 we look back to the dumpster fire of a year that was 2021. There were some shining lights though, so in this first part of our double header we look at our favourite gaming and television moments.

Be warned, as there may be a couple of spoilers in there as we discuss Tiger King 2, Clickbait, Squid Game and Ted Lasso. Plus Mitch tackles the plethora of Marvel related shows on Disney+.

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We'd like to think we've saved the best for last with this offering for Day 12 from the cartoon series "The Real Ghostbusters" from 1986.

What happens with a team famous for catching ghosts meet up with Jacob Marley and his spirit friends? Christmas chaos obviously. 

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In one of the very first syndicated television specials, Vincent Price narrates today's version of the classic tale, dubbed "The Christmas Carol" from way back in1949.

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Just to be confusing we have another movie just titled "A Christmas Carol" again today, however unlike the traditional style we saw yesterday, this is anything but.

Starring UK soap star Ross Kemp as Eddie Scrooge, an unscrupulous loan shark, who meets three ghosts who show him the meaning of Christmas in this contemporary telling of the classic tale.

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We've seen cartoon mice and excessive backstory, super heroes and tenuous links and super quick silent versions, but for toady for Day 9 we find a very traditional telling of the Christmas Carol story.

Made by an Australian production company back in 1982, there's not much we could find wrong with this one featuring the voice talents of Rod Haddrick in the Scrooge role.

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A Christmas Carol is usually a story of a not-so-nice man's redemption. In our episode today, "Blackadder's Christmas Carol" from 1988, we turn that on it's head in a way only Rowan Atkinson can.

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December 19, 2021

Day 7 - Family Ties (1983)

We continue with our 80s bracket today as we take a look back at one of the most popular sitcoms of that decade, "Family Ties" where they do their take on A Christmas Carol in this episode from December 1983.

Everyone's favourite yuppie republican, Alex P. Keaton, played by Michael J. Fox learns the meaning of Christmas thanks to some ghostly persuasion and early 80s special effects.

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December 18, 2021

Day6 - Bravestarr (1987)

80's cartoon/toy tie-ins are probably our favourite genre after Christmas Carol variations, so when Mitch found this episode from 1987 of "Bravestarr" that puts a Filmation spin on the Dickens classic, it got added to our short list very quickly.

Was it worth it, or did it disappoint?

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December 17, 2021

Day 5 - Quantum Leap (1990)

Quantum Leap was one of those shows where, in concept, sounded like something we both would have been into back when it originally aired, yet for some reason neither of us really watched.

Today for Day 5 we rectify that with this episode, "A Little Miracle" from 1990.

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Today we go a little more recent and lot more traditional than yesterday with this animated version of A Christmas Carol from 2001. 

Having Nicholas Cage as Marley seemed like a good choice, but is that overshadowed by too much backstory and the addition of cartoon mice?

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December 15, 2021

Day 3 - Ebenezer Piper (1985)

On paper, the idea of wrestling legend "Rowdy" Roddy Piper taking on the role of Scrooge in a WWF produced version of "A Christmas Carol" sounds great.

Unfortunately this segment from the short lived wrestling talk show "Tuesday Night Titans" from December 1985 really didn't deliver.

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We jump forward just over 100 years from yesterday to bring you Day 2, and this time we look an an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man from 2014 called "Nightmare on Christmas" that took inspiration from A Christmas Carol, rather than being a direct re-telling.

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