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September 24, 2021

Episode 132 - S is for Ska!

Ska is one of those musical genres that you either love or hate, and thankfully both Mitch and Joe love it!

This episode we go on a deep dive and trace the roots of ska through it's three waves - the origins in Jamaica in the 60's, the 2-Tone era of England in the 80's, and third wave of ska punk from the US in the 90's - including some clips of Joe's favourites, as well as a few of our usual tangents too.

Joe has even put together a companion playlist on Spotify of a lot of the songs we discuss too if you want to check it out here -

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He was a massive star in the world of wrestling in the 80's, who also went on to star in a number of cult movie classics, so we bend the A to Z rules a little this episode to talk about the "Hot Rod" himself, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

From his incredible Wrestlemania moments, to his long list of B-Movie credits, he truly was an icon, and a huge reason Mitch and Joe became wrestling fans as kids.

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Based on the album by The Who of the same name, this month we look at the 1979 film "Quadrophenia".

Set in late 60's England, It's the story of an unlikable young Mod named Jimmy, who seeming has it all. However it's not all tricked out scooters, high fashion and a party lifestyle, as it all come crashing down around him thanks to drugs, failed attempts at love and the ongoing war between the Mods and The Rockers.

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