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We've cover some pretty obscure stuff on this podcast, but possibly nothing more obscure than the Norwegian Stop-Motion film "The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix" that we watched this month for the letter P of our 2021 A to Z list.

Originally released in 1975, it boasts as being the highest grossing film from Norway, and held the record for highest grossing stop-motion film of all time for many years too, and in our opinions is not half bad either.


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We always enjoy when we get to do a music themed episode, so seemed like an easy choice to pick One Hit Wonders for our O episode.

We discuss what defines an artist as a One Hit Wonder and go on a little tangent about Australian TV's iconic "Countdown" with Molly Meldrum, but then came the hard part... choosing just one song per decade from the 60's until 2010's to be our picks as stand out examples.


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