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The 2021 A to Z rolls into the second half of the alphabet with the letter N, and this episode we look at the 2001 parody (or is that spoof) film, "Not Another Teen Movie".

A homage to those teenage high school flicks we grew up loving in the 80's, we look at the movies and characters is parodying, the awesome soundtrack of late 90's bands doing 80s covers, and whether it still holds up today.

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We've officially made it to the halfway point of the alphabet, so this episode we look at another iconic TV show from our youth, "The Muppet Show".

Seeing as this could have been a huge topic, we just looked at the original series that ran from the late 70's to early 80's, and not any of the multitude of spin-offs.

We discuss the format of the show, the characters and of course the guest stars.

** We had some feedback that Mitch's audio was a little low, so have re-uploaded it with a bit of tweaking **

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