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It's back to the 80s toy-cartoon crossovers this episode as we look at the craze of robots changing into vehicles, but it's not the one you instantly though of. No, not Transformers, but the bastard step-child of the transforming robot genre, The Go-Bots, or as it was known here in Australia, Machine Men.

We talk toys, the "Challenge of the Go-Bots" TV series, the absurdity of the Rock Lords, and Mitch gets a little off topic to discuss why Mekaneck is his favourite He-man charactor.

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For our F episode of the A to Z we go back to a time when a brave, young adventurer could enter a dungeon or a misty forest, armed only with his trusty sword, and slay dragons and monsters in his quest for treasure...

That's right, 1982. However, that adventurer was actually a spotty-faced teen, and the slaying was with the aid of a pencil, two six-sided dice and a Fighting Fantasy gamebook.

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Back when we were young in the 80's, its an understatement to say Star Wars was huge. So, in 1984 when they released an Ewok movie it meant more quality Star Wars content, right? Maybe not so much.

As the a to Z continues, for our episode this time around we're reached the letter E, so we go back and watch the two Ewok spin-off films, "Caravan of Courage" and "A Battle For Endor", plus a little bit of the 1985 Ewok Cartoon series.

We must be gluttons for punishment!

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