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Two fat nerds attack Movies, TV and Video Games!


As August comes to an end, and summer closes in the Northern Hemisphere we lament the fact that we still can't head out to the cinema for the latest blockbuster releases, so once again we look back at cinema of a time passed. This time it's the time of happy pants, bucket hats and wallet chains... the 1990s.

We go over what made money, what didn't, and what we really enjoyed either way.


** Apologies for the sound quality on Mitch's mic for the first 2 minutes, but it does get better. Unfortunately the sausage fest of films we discuss really doesn't **

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We're back for another month, with Mitch still stuck inside due to the Lockdown in Victoria, and Joe due to the cold, snowy weather in Tasmania, so what better to do than game and watch the streaming services?


Joe continues more "Minecraft Dungeons", while Mitch explores within 5kms of his house on "Pokemon Go", then we watch a bit of TV with "Modern Love" on Prime Video, try episode 1 of Season 2 of "The Umbrella Academy" on Netflix, and get way more into "Jedi Temple Challenge" than two men in their late 40s should.


For movies we try the new hottness that is Neflix original "The Old Guard", as well as re-watching one of Joe's favourites, "Tuff Turf" and the "Men In Black" Series.

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