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Two fat nerds attack Movies, TV and Video Games!


We're back with another longer than usual mini, and this month due to the return to lockdown in Melbourne and the reduction of all things entertainment worldwide due to the pandemic, we fondly look back at a time when we were allowed to go out and have fun, like going to the movies, with a retrospective on the summer blockbuster films of the 1980s.

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It's been a few weeks since we've caught up, so we start the show with a brief catch-up on what's been going on, including the announced return to lockdown in Melbourne, then after a very short chat about gaming we jump into all the TV and movies that are getting a run on the various streaming services, seeing as there really isn't that much else to do.

Joe really enjoyed "Hamilton" on Disney+, but doesn't really get why they made it in the first place, Mitch finishes "Ozark" and learns about Life Drawing, Joe's kids love "Titan Games" and "Floor is Lava", but can't understand why they swear so much on "Broken Skull Challenge", and cooking gets creative in "Crazy Delicious".

Then in movies Joe feels sad thinking about all the actors from "The Blues Brothers" who aren't with us anymore, gets 90's nostalgia in "Go" and "Grosse Pointe Blank", and Mitch introduces his kids to anime.

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