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This month for our Welcome to My World episode, Mitch and Joe continue to go over their 10 most influential albums, rounding out the lists with another 5 selections each.

On top of that we have a couple of honourable mentions, as well as a bit of a general discussion on how our musical tastes, and music consumption, has changed over the years too.


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On the show this month we discuss re-playing classic PC games from days gone by, as well as some more Xbox Game Pass titles, and the latest viewings on all of the streaming services while we are stuck in Iso, including "Chernobyl" from Mitch, and "Jumanji: The Next Level" from Joe.

Then for the second half, inspired by the recent spate of Facebook and Twitter posts about the 10 albums that influenced you the most, we give it a little bit of an audio friendly twist and present our own choices. This episode we cover 5 albums each, and our choices couldn't be more different!


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