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It what turned out to be a much longer than usual mini, this month we got together via Skype again to re-watch some classic episodes of The Goodies and remembered just how talented, and maybe just a little bit racist, they were.

We also discuss life in lockdown, binge watching "Tiger King" on Netflix, a new webshow called "Cabin Fever", Elton John's strange performance on the "One World Together at Home Concert", and how some live TV shows are adapting to the current situation.

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Mitch and Joe were both huge fans of The Goodies growing up, so were saddened by the recent death of Tim Brooke-Taylor from complications of COVID-19.

As a tribute, we're re-posting this episode we did as Day 12 of our Christmas mini-sodes way back in 2015.


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After our extended break, we decided that seeing as nearly every podcast out there is now recording via Skype because of social distancing, it would be a great time for us to get back on board too.

We catch up on what's been going on since Joe's move to Launceston, Mitch getting Xbox Game Pass and trying new games like "Rime" and Joe playing "Untitled Goose Game", plus the joys of streaming TV while we're stuck inside due to the shutdown, with Joe watching "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" on Prime Video and "Mad Men" on Netflix, whats worth checking out on Disney+ and Mitch comparing the Netflix doco "Tiger King" to wrestling, and re-watching "Beyond The Mat".

As this is our first attempt at Skype recording, the sound quality isn't up to our usual standard, but bear with us, we'll get there!


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