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Two fat nerds attack Movies, TV and Video Games!


In a January tradition that we started six years ago with our very second podcast, this episode we look forward with our Great Expectations for 2018.

That's right, all the stuff we're excited about in the coming year for television and movies, plus a little bit of gaming thrown in too.





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Seeing as we had so much to say we broke the end of year all media round up into two parts, so here is the second part with the boys covering live events including some musicals and wrestling shows, books, comics and movies.

We do go pretty spoiler heavy with the new Star Wars film, "The Last Jedi", so if you haven't seen it yet, you might want to turn off around the 1 hour 10 minute mark.


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We're back for another year, so after a bit of a chat about our Christmas and New Year breaks, we jump right in to our review of 2017 and all the things we watched, did and played.

Seeing as we hadn't really had a chance to talk much about the year as we were doing the A to Z eps, we've had to break it into two parts, so for part one we look at gaming and TV.

We do go a little spoilery on Game Of Thrones and Stranger Things 2, so be warned if you haven't watched them yet.



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