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For the last day of our 12 Days of Christmas Comedies we go with another modern favourite, with "White Lie Christmas", episode 10 of season 1 of the cleverly funny "My Name Is Earl" from 2005.

We also look back on this year's list and work out which were our picks of the bunch.



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For our second last episode of the 12 Days of Christmas Comedies we go back to the heady days of the 80's for another one of our most loved sit-coms from when we were younger.


That's right, "Perfect Strangers", and episode 11, season 2 "A Christmas Story", where we see Balki and his cousin Larry overcoming adversity and celebrating Christmas in their own special way.

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Day 10 is here, so today we go back to the 70's for one of our favourite British sit-coms with "Are You Being Served?".

There are lots of laughs, a liberal sprinkling of Christmas cheer, and a big helping of innuendo too, and not just Mrs. Slocombe's pussy. 


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We go back to the world of animation for Day 9 as we look at the Xmas, not Christmas, themed episode of "Futurama" called "A Tale Of Two Santas" from 2001.

In this episode, Santa is actually a robot, but instead of being loved by all, he's feared due to a clitch in his programing where he thinks everyone has been naughty, so it's up to Bender, Fry and the crew to try and save the day.




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It'd Day 8, and today we go all international with a visit to Dog River, Saskatchewen, and the off-beat Canadian humour that it "Corner Gas".

Mitch is a big fan of the series, however Joe has never seen it before, but both got a lot of laughs out of this epsiode, Season 3 Episode 13 "Merry Gasmas".



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As we head into the second half of the 12 days of Christmas we go back to the 80's for another of our favourites growing up, with episode 9 of "Night Court" season 6 "The Night Court Before Christmas".

What happens when court ballif, Bull, accidently gives away the evidence for a case, and just exactly what is guest star John Astin's relationship with Santa?



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Day 6 sees us with one of Mitch's picks, as Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence star as "Melissa and Joey" in this epsiode called "A New Kind Of Christmas" from Season 3.

What happens when Mel's sister comes home from prison on day release to spend Christmas with the family? And why do two grown men in their 40's have such a soft spot for Melissa Joan Hart?

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Every year we have done the 12 Days of Christmas we have managed to slot in an episode of "The Simpsons". This year we look at season 11 episode 9 "The Grift of The Magi", which for a Christmas epsiode, really isn't that Christmasy.

Sure, it still has all the absurd humour we'd expect, plus the added bonus of Gary Coleman as guest star, however the biggest laughs come from the non-Christmas set up.


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Have we got a treat for today! For Day 4 we go back, way back, all the way to the year 1970 before our hosts, and most of our fans, were even born. This show was so long ago it's even in black and white!

Starring Reg Varney as bus driver, Stan and Stephen Lewis as Inspector Blake, it's the "Christmas Duty" episode of "On The Buses". However, don't let the age fool you, so far this has been our pick of the bunch.




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Slightly burned by yesterday's effort, today we go back to the classic days of the sitcom with this episode from 1982, as we look at Season 5 Episode 12 of "Diff'rent Strokes" called "Santa's Helper".

There is a slight callback to "2 Broke Girls" though, as Garrett Morris guest stars as a street Santa who befriends Arnold, but things aren't exactly as they seem.




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For the second of our 12 days of Christmas comedies, today we looked at the Season 4 2 Broke Girls episode titled "And A Loan For Christmas".

Both of us were fans of the series but kinda dropped off somewhere along the way before getting to season four. Watching this ep made us realise the codemy writers for the show probably did too.

Somewhere between the racial stereotypes, not-at-all subtle innuendo and forced punchlines there is a Christmas story hiding somewhere here, but hey, they can't all be winners can they?



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It's that time of year again, when the decorations are up, the shops are starting to get crazy and the boys embark on their annual 12 Days of Christmas mini episodes.

This year we have pick twelve Christmas episodes of sit-coms, and seeing as we mentioned it recently when talking about "The Young Ones", we're starting with the "Bottom" episode from Season 2, "Holy".

We also start a Christmas tropes tick sheet to work out exactly how Christmasy each epsiode will be.



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