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With the end of the alphabet drawing nearer, this episode we look at the letter Y, and the British comedy series, “The Young Ones”, which coincidently originally aired 35 years ago this month.

We look at the a few of our favourite episodes, discuss who are favourite characters were, the famous faces that turned up, what the actors did after the series finished, and even touch on the mysterious fifth housemate.

And, based on the fact that they were voted in as the 31st best British Sit-Com in a 2004 BBC poll, we also look at some of the other shows that made the list.





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Seeing as we have both had our Xbox One's for twelve months now, we thought that the X for the A to Z would be a good change for us to talk about them.

We cover what games we've played, the apps we use, what we like and what we don't like about the system.





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For anyone that knows us, they know we both really love wrestling, however if we were to try and cover it in an episode it would end up being a very long one, so we narrowed it down a little by combining it with our other great love.

So, with that being said, this episode we bring you the letter W and Wrestling video games!

We give bit of a run down of our history playing wrestling games, briefly talk about some of the vast array of games out there, and then Joe goes indepth with three of his favourite game series: the WWE 2k games, the run of mainly N64 titles developed by the AKI corporation, and The Fire Pro Wrestling series.



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