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With the end of the A to Z getting nearer, this episode is the letter T so we look at a favourite from our youth, Transformers.

We concentrate mainly on G1 stuff, with a rundown of the toys we had as kids, the original TV series and the animated movie, plus we talk comics, video games and what they got right and what they got wrong in the new movie franchise.


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We’ve made it to the letter S, so this episode we look at one of the most loved TV tropes, the Spin-Off.

We talk a little about the definition of a Spin-Off, some notable Spin-Offs in TV history, and then we concentrate on one of our favourites, “Happy Days”, which in itself is actually a Spin-Off, plus the multitude of shows that where spin-offs for it.



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We’re up to the letter R this episode, so we look at one of our favourite actors. No, not Ryan, but Burt Reynolds.

We both loved his films when we were younger, so we picked three of his classics in the 1972 survival adventure “Deliverance”, driving the iconic black Trans-Am in “Smokey & The Bandit” and teaming up with an all-star cast for the cross country road race of “The Cannonball Run”.

We do go pretty spoiler heavy on these films, but hey, if you haven’t seen them by now, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself!


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