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This epsiode we look at the letter Q and the lesser known Marvel hero, Quasar.


Seeing as Joe knew next to nothing on this topic, we bring in expert help in the form of Scott to help Mitch gush over one of his favourite comic characters.


We look at the origins of Quasar, some of the better story arcs and have a bit of a general chat about the current state of comics, and what got us into them back in the day.

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This episode we take advantage of our new recording set-up and have special guest, Scott, join us via Skype to cover the letter P and the 1967 cult classic, “The Prisoner” co-created and starring Patrick McGoohan.

It’s the story of a secret agent who is abducted and held prisoner in a mysterious coastal resort called The Village, re-named Number 6 and constantly drilled by his captors try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job.

There are a couple of audio issues with this ep, seeing as we’ve never tried a Skype guest before, but please bear with us, as Scott’s knowledge and passion for “The Prisoner” well out-ways the bleeps and bloops.



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