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As the A to Z of Massive Attack continues, we also continue with our look at dystopian futures now past with the 1971 sci-fi movie “The Omega Man”.

Based on the Richard Matheson novel “I Am Legend” that was also the inspiration for the 2007 Will Smith movie under the same name, Charlton Heston stars as the supposed  last man on Earth battling a horde of mutated vampires in a post- apocalyptic Los Angeles.

We do a pretty thorough re-telling of the plot, so spoiler alert if you haven’t seen this nearly 46 year old film, and we also look at the similarities and differences to the Will Smith version, plus some of the other works inspired by the original concept.


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It's time for us to get a bit cultured, so this ep for the letter N we look at a book. Well, moreso a movie that was based on a book, but it's the thought that counts, as we look at the George Orwell tale of dystopian futures with the novel "Nineteen Eighty Four" and the version of the movie released in 1984 with John Hurt in the Winston Smith role.


We also look at the predictions of the future Orwell got right, and some of the later works influenced by this classic. Plus it gives us a chance to finally use The Eurythmics song "Sexcrime 1984" as our end song.



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