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The A to Z continues on, and this time around it’s the letter K and the totally cheesy TV series, “Knight Rider”. 

We look back at the original run from the 80’s that was famous for it’s talking car, awesome theme song and the bad acting of David Hasselhoff, and then jump ahead to the later versions, including the telemovies “Knight Rider 2000” and “Knight Rider 2010”, the 90’s “Team Knight Rider” and the 2008 re-boot

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The A to Z of Massive Attack rolls on, and this episode we look at the letter J and go back to everyone’s favourite animated girl group, Josie and the Pussycats.

We look at their origins in the “Archie” comics of the 60’s, the cartoon series from the early 70’s and it’s outer space spin-off , the 2001 feature that was a box office bomb, and their brief return to the small screen in the new series, “Riverdale”.

Mitch also goes on a little tangent about “Archie” in general too.

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