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This episode we look at the letter I with Indiana Jones.

We look at the four films with Harrison Ford playing the iconic archaeologist adventurer - where it all began in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, with Kate Capshaw as the annoying Willie Scott in “Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom”, the addition of Sean Connery as Henry Jones Snr. in “Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade” and Shia LaBeouf as Mutt in “Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull”.

We also briefly discuss the spin-off comic from the early 80’s “The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones” and the TV series “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”.

Plus Mitch really doesn’t like magnets.

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It’s H this episode, and due to Mitch’s excitement stemming from the comic “Future Quest”, we chose the 1967 Hanna-Barbera classic, “The Herculoids”.


Set on a far-off planet, this team of heroes protect their world from alien invaders. Sure, there was a lot of nostalgia in re-watching these old cartoons, but Joe found it hard to get passed as little something missing that neither of us realised back when we were kids.



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The A to Z rolls on, and seeing as we’ve reached G this episode, we look at the most majestic of all apes, gorillas.


Well, gorilla films to be more specific. From the classics tale of the giant ape in “King Kong” and it’s various sequels, to both versions of “Mighty Joe Young” and the crazy accents and bad acting that pop up in “Congo”, we have the gorilla genre well and truly covered. We even have time to look at some gorillas in cartoons and comics along the way too.

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