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Cast your mind back to the late 70’s or early 80’s. Was it a time for muscle cars and girls in short shorts? Well, it was if you were in Hazzard county.

This episode we look at D, and the redneck romp that is “The Dukes of Hazzard”, including the original TV series, the movie reunions and remakes and the little known cartoon spin off “The Dukes” and the even less known “Trollkins”.

Mitch also discusses the movie “Moonrunners” that was the inspiration for the Dukes as well, and gives us a little bit of history about moonshine.

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The Massive Attack A to Z rolls on, with this episode covering the letter C and the 1994 gothic action film, The Crow, directed by Alex Proyas, and staring Brandon Lee in is final performance.

We have a bit of a chat about where we were in ’94, our initial reactions to the film, what it was like re-watching it after all these years.

Plus as a special treat Mitch digs up his “Goth Box” to reveal a prized possession from his past.

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For the second in our new A to Z series, this episode we look at the iconic 1985 time travel adventure, "Back To The Future", staring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.


Mitch and Joe both agree this is a near perfect film, so we disect what makes it so good, look back at where we were when we first saw it, and then touch on the sequels and other media in the "Back To The Future" universe.



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