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For this month's mini we recorded early due to the impending birth of a new little Mitchell, so it only seemed fitting that we look at a couple of baby related movies.

Joe looks at the Leonard Nemoy directed "Three Men And A Baby" while Mitch gets a lesson in parenting with Michael Keaton in "Mr. Mom".

Hopefully it gives Mitch some reminders of what it's like having a newborn around again.

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In gaming this month we have a bit of a chat about "Far Cry 4" and "Mars: War Logs" on Xbox 360 before Joe jumps on the "Pokemon Go" bandwagon, then it's on to TV with Mitch finishing "Stranger Things", Joe diving into his Cornish roots with "Doc Martin" and a little bit of wrestling with our thoughts on the recent WWE brand split.

We then look at movies with Mitch checking out the latest in the new Star Trek series, the Justin Lim directed "Star Trek: Beyond", DC's animated film "Batman: The Killing Joke" and Joe going back to the 1984 classic "The Karate Kid" and realising some things come across quite differently when you re-watch them as a parent.

We also set up a future episode challenge, as we try to work out what year was the best for films in the 1980's.

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With the Olympics just days away, this month for our mini episode we thought we'd look at sports movies.

So, in true Massive Attack fashion we looked at two films that probably have just as much to do with the Olympics as we do ourselves, with the Asian kick-fest "Shaolin Soccer" and the Psyche-out showdown, "BASEketball".

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