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Two fat nerds attack Movies, TV and Video Games!


To celebrate his 40th birthday this month, Mitch picked out four films he loved when he was in his teens to re-watch to see if they held up: "16 Candles", "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", "Rad" and "Pump Up The Volume"...okay, so it turns out we hadn't actually seen "16 Candles" before, but still, you get the idea.

What was our opinion of characters from 80's films when you look at it from the perspective of a 40 year old? Well, it's might not be what you were expecting.

On top of that there is a little bit of gaming talk with "Deadpool" and "Ascend: Hand of Kul", modern films like "Thor 2: The Dark World" and "Gravity" plus the usual tangents and sidetracks.

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