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September 23, 2013

Episode 22 - Obscure Reference!

It's been a slow month for gaming, with Joe finishing of "Lego Lord Of The Rings" and jumping in to "Lego Batman 2" and Mitch going back to "Mass Effect 2". We also discuss the games for gold titles this month, as well as Mitch's new ios addiction, "Marvel Puzzle Quest".

We then dive into movies with the classic "Vertigo", disappointment over "Iron Man 3", enjoyment of a spoiler-free talk about "Now You See Me", and ambivalence over "Kick Ass 2".

We then follow up on the challenge issued last month with Joe tackling "Glengarry Glen Ross" and Coen Brother's, and Mitch falling short on the Daniel Day Lewis challenge, but power watching "There Will Be Blood" and "Last of The Mohicans".

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This month the nerds look at this year's "Summer of Arcade" titles, discuss the Games for Gold freebies "Crackdown" and "Dead Rising 2" and play a bit of "Rumble Roses XX" and the DC fighter, "Injustice: Gods Amongst Us".

Then after a chat about quality television like "Hardcore Pawn" we look at the classic old films "North by Northwest" and "Duel", the slightly newer "200 Cigarettes" and "Gangs of New York" and newer releases "Pain & Gain" and "Spring Breakers". Mitch also follows up on last month to give his opinion of "Pacific Rim", and we each reveal our love for a couple of misunderstood masterpieces', "Cool as Ice" and "Batman & Robin".

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